The following is a non-exhaustive list of work samples completed since 1987 from or to French [for France and all francophone or non-francophone overseas countries to and from Australia]:


Civil status

  • Birth, marriage, death, divorce and change of name certificates
  • Livrets de famille [family booklets]
  • Passports and other identity documents
  • No Police Record documents – casiers judiciaires
  • Driver’s licences – we are recognised by Vicroads and other State and Territory roads and licensing authorities


  • Academic degrees, diplomas, certificates [primary, secondary, tertiary] – undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate
  • Professional qualifications and education certificates
  • Statements of marks or results


  • New! E-vaccination certificates


  • Taxation and accounting documents
  • Company and business name documents [certificates, memoranda and articles of association, constitutions, resolutions, charges, proxies or corporate documents]
  • Insurance work


  • Websites
  • Military documents
  • Religious documents
  • Medical certificates and letters
  • Scientific, engineering, technical, computer/IT materials


  • Work and internship/stage and experience/employment certificates
  • Contracts
  • Reference Letters


  • Travel documents
  • Immigration and visa files
  • Nationality applications
  • Bank and mortgage documents
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Licences
  • Court documents and judgments
  • Powers of Attorney – procurations
  • Wills and succession
  • Affidavits and statutory declarations
  • Insurance matters
  • Foreign or local law certificates
  • Real and personal property [compromis, promesses, actes de vente], leases
  • Matrimonial regimes, PACS, prenuptial agreements
  • Adoption
  • Parental delegations
  • Notarial acts/deeds
  • Intellectual property documents for trademarks, designs and patents
  • Mining permits and all allied documentation
  • Pension documents

Our fees for documents depend on length, urgency and complexity.

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